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Gary S, British Columbia

I thought purchased the PBLX 1500. When I got it home and assembled I thought It was overkill! Then about a week later I had to do a major repair to my lawn tractor. What a treat to no have to roll around on the ground! Since then I have done several bike repairs. This is a solid unit and can be reduced down to size quickly . As well I should mention that all the sales staff bent over backwards for me. They had to open after hours for me to load the unit as I was picking it up from put of town. Great service......great price.......and a great product. I have attached one of the tire changing units to it as well. I am wondering....why did I not buy one of these years ago! I highly recommend this product. Oh....I almost forgot.......the giant sticker the gave me for free now graces my tool box!

Norm P

Owner of a pbl 1200. Makes my life easier. So impressed with it that I returned and bought the 620 tire machine for my shop.

Mike D, Ontario

My new bike needed a chain adjustment so I needed a service jack. Summer suddenly pushed its way through the cool early and I wasn't looking forward to waiting any longer to get in a good ride on my n

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